Mixed Seafood

Frozen seafood is among the best ways to whip up complete meals at pace, without having to sacrifice the spread of the dish. Selected, processed and packaged with care, you’ll be blown away by how easy it is to find pre-selected individually packed mixes of premium prawn, fish, squid and scallop that is ready to just cook and serve – all the guess work has been taken out of being able to serve pre-prepared premium seafood meal options at pace.

Take a look below here to find out more about the frozen seafood products we provide and follow the links to find the options that are best for you. You’ll be able to find various combinations of frozen seafood options here at A&T Trading Co. Our standard and premium seafood basket mixes are both winners.

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Make life easy with frozen seafood baskets

Quality, consistency and pace are the three main drivers in any commercial cookery operation. Our decades long history as a supplier of top-quality frozen produce to kitchens around Australia has meant that we’ve seen all sorts of approaches to these challenges.

But we’re yet to see a solution as reliable as ours. At A&T Trading Co., we’ve made a name for ourselves as a business that knows the work that goes into a successful service – and knows how to support those efforts with quality frozen produce.

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