Vegetarian Food Suppliers

Fast cooking times and a delicious taste. A&T Trading manufactures a wide range of value added vegetarian products that require minimal handling and preparation. We only work with high quality ingredients and follow a state-of-the-art manufacturing process that guarantees consistency across the board. Our vegetarian line includes spring rolls, vegetarian dim sims, cocktail samosas, beer battered onion rings, crumbed jalapeño poppers and more. Look to us for delicious vegetarian products that can be served as the perfect accompaniment to other dishes or as a standalone meal. Know that all your diners will be impressed by the great flavour on offer when you choose products from A&T Trading.

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Gourmet vegetarian spring rolls and more

Our vegetarian products are designed to offer amazing convenience so that you don’t have to worry about a thing. We understand the challenges of working in a busy kitchen and want to make food preparation easier in every way. That’s why A&T Trading has developed a delicious line of ready to cook products that require minimal handling. Whether you’re plating mouth-watering appetisers or main meals, we have a vegetarian option that will work for you. Enjoy greater efficiency with our cost saving range and focus your attention on other things instead. It’s all about helping chefs across Australia to serve the type of food that delights customers with every bite.

The advantages of value added products

Value added products bring a lot to the table. Our vegetarian options will shorten your preparation process and lower overheads at the same time. We pride ourselves on delivering the best, chef-friendly supplies to kitchens that depend on consistency, quality and efficiency. That’s why our team follows a specialised process that involves adding marinades, crumbs and batters to fresh ingredients for great results. We love creating new forms, flavours and textures every day that contribute to the exciting vegetarian line at A&T Trading. You’ll be more than impressed by what we have to offer and we guarantee that your customers won’t be able to resist.

Who we are

A&T Trading started out from humble beginnings in 1984 as a fish and prawn trader with a reputation for delivering quality seafood. Today, we continue to uphold this philosophy while supplying innovative, value added vegetarian products that have been developed to suit changes in the market. Using a number of world class global manufacturing plants, we produce quality food that supplies chefs and foodservice kitchens far and wide.

Buy vegetarian spring rolls from A&T Trading

Get in touch with A&T Trading to find out more about our vegetarian options that include delicious vegetarian spring rolls, beer battered onion rings and more. We know that you will love everything about what we have to offer and the standout difference that we can make to your business. Find out more by completing a contact form or call today on (02) 8753 4800 to speak with a friendly member of the A&T Trading team.